How to Search or Find Exploits in Metasploit

How to Search or Find Exploits in Metasploit: Today in this tutorial, we'll look at the most important part of using Metasploit, how to look for exploits inside! or How to search or find exploits in metasploit.

What is Metasploit?

Metasploit was created by HD Moore in 2003 as a portable networking tool using Perl.
By 2007, the Metasploit Framework was completely rewritten in Ruby.

On October 2, 2009, the Metasploit project announced that it was acquired by Rapid7, a security company that provides unified solutions for managing vulnerabilities.
The emerging Metasploit position as the basis for the development of the ex-de facto led to the issuance of advice on software vulnerabilities, often accompanied by a third-party exploit module, Metasploit, which emphasizes operational efficiency, risk and correction of this particular error.
Metasploit 3.0 began to include the fuzzing tools used to detect software vulnerabilities, and not just exploits for known errors.
This prospectus can be seen with the integration of the lorcon wireless (802.11) tool kit in Metasploit 3.0 in November 2006.
Metasploit 4.0 was released in August 2011.

How to Search or Find Exploits in Metasploit

Well inorder to look or search for exploits for vulnerable services or softwaares you can use searchsploit which comes by default installed in kali linux.

This is a good tool contains mostly entries of exploit-db, and which updates when we run sudo apt-get update command and loads exploits.

Inorderto use it simply type  searchsploit followed the the vulnerable service name for which you want an exploit!

searchsploit "Vulnerable service"

Just in case, if you want to find something else, use the -h argument and display the help menu.

Now you can help yourself find more vulnerabilities.
# searchsploit -h
Usage : searchsploit [OPTIONS] term1 [term2] ... [termN]
Example: searchsploit oracle windows local

-c - Perform case-sensitive searches; by default,
searches will try to be greedy
-v - By setting verbose output, description lines
are allowed to overflow their columns
-h, --help - Show help screen

- Use any number of search terms you would like (minimum: 1)
- Search terms are not case sensitive, and order is irrelevant 
So this was  How to Search or Find Exploits in Metasploit. Feel free to ask your doubts in comment :)

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