Kickass Torrents is back with new Domain- 2017

Kickass Torrents is back with new Domain- 2017: Few months ago, Kickass Torrents ( was brought down due to some criminal investigations by US Government.

Not only Kickass Torrents but many other torrent sites went down like and the . Yet there were many mirrors were available to access these sites but most them were fake. Due to this many faced difficulties to find good valuable torrents and many small torrent sites came up.

Kickass Torrents is back with new Domain-, But now after 3 months, Kickass Torrents is again brought up by some Original Staffers, with new domain- According to TorrentsFreak, Some employees reunited launched new Kickass Torrents(, with some torrents uploaded. and Most of the other administrators and moderators joined them and few of them got separated.

The database of site is newly built and the design of the site seems similar to old version. Well this is a good news for every torrent user because Kickass Torrents was the every torrent user's first priority.

Visit New Kickass Torrent Now - KATCR.CO

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