CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg HACKED !!

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's  Accounts(Twitter, Pinterest) Hacked! Password was revealed as...

The young man who runs the greatest social network and constantly realizes new efforts to establish greater safety to support its billion users security, He neglected to take his security serious and suffered an online breach in his online records.
This guy failed to secure his accounts resulting to BREACH IN SECURITY

Yes you guessed it , I am speaking about The CEO of Facebook  Mark Zuckerberg, who failed to secure his accounts causing his Twitter and Pinterest accounts compromised on Sunday.
These HACKERS group who came from Saudi Arabia, titled OurMine, accepted responsibility for the breach and take a guess on how they succeeded ?

Oh  before we go to how this was Mark Zuckerberg's LinkedIn password "dadada", which he also used for his other online accounts, the group informed us with a tweet.

This was possible all thanks to  LinkedIn DATA BREACH


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