Teenage Hacker Arrested For Hacking FBI Material

 Teenage Hacker Arrested For Hacking FBI Material

A 15-year-old teen got captured from Scotland, by British Police for breaking into the FBI Systems on 16th February 2016.

Under the Britain’s Hacking Law, Computer Misuse Act 1990, the teen has been arrested for his role in hacking an unauthorized digital material belonging to the Federal Agents.

Federal Agents have already fled to Glasgow in an attempt to carry out a complete raid on the individuals home before proceeding with the boy's arrest.

As with the present scenario, reports reveal that the boy could be extradited to the United States to face the Intrusion and hacking charges.

Second Member of the Hacking Group Arrested

The suspect is believed to be an active member of the notorious hacking group called "Crackas with Attitude" aka "CWA", Motherboard confirms.

Another member of the same group got arrested from the United Kingdom last week. The 16-year-old British teenager was suspected of hacking into the CIA and the FBI confidential files and documents breaching security of the FBI.

The hacktivist group "Crackas with Attitude" is behind a multiples of hacks on the United States government and its high-level officials causing much damage with each attack.

As seen above by @IncursioSubter
Nowadays, the amateurish approach of teenage hackers are hunting down the world's greatest Crime solvers such as FBI and CIA.

Newbie Hackers and Script Kiddies dont go fooling arround and get caught 

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