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MAC (Media Access Control) is a number that identifies your network adapter or adapters for connecting to the internet. To remain exceptionally anonymous you must change your MAC IP address. By changing your macintosh address you can:
  • Staying Anonymous 
  • Bypass Mac Filters 
  • Mac Authentication 
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#1 Staying Anonymous :

The first and the chief thing by ridiculing your macintosh location is with the end goal of namelessness. Your macintosh location can be seen by any individual on your neighborhood (LAN) or besides in the event that you are associated with a WiFi system any individual can see your macintosh address by simply running a basic sweep either from windows or Linux. A basic sample of this is to simply utilize the order from Linux as

airodump-ng (mon0 = your wifi interface) 

The BSSID's recorded over allude's to the macintosh addresses for different systems accessible in your reach. By simply running a straightforward sweep we discover the different BSSID's accessible. Programmers may attempted to misuse your system in the event that they figured out your macintosh address and can utilize the web as being "you" That's the reason you have to change your MAC address.

#2 Bypassing MAC Filters :

If you ever need to unite with an open WiFi system with the end goal of staying unknown however things didn't turned out really well, may be the WiFi proprietor is utilizing a MAC channel. Macintosh channel implies just permitting those clients to interface which have a particular MAC address. By changing your MAC location to that particular location which is joined you can associate with a system yet first by de validating the present client.

#3 MAC Authentication : 

Some ISP (Internet Service Provide) might just permit you to interface with a MAC address in the event that you have a particular location. So changing your location dependably helps for this situation.


1. Smac ( For Windows) :- It is an effective MAC changer that has been around for a considerable length of time. It is anything but difficult to use with any equipment. You should be a "specialist" to utilize this. It totally parodies your Mac address. Rather than utilizing Smac there are numerous product's accessible which you can use to change your PC's macintosh location thus on stay unknown on the web.

You can download it by clicking Here

2. Macintosh Changer (Linux) :- Mac-changer is a free accessible apparatus which is utilized for changing the Mac address in a Linux machine. What you have to do is select your web interface and run the summon and its basically done.

The above screenshot is taken from Backtrack and it is unreservedly accessible in Backtrack and numerous other higher adaptations.

sudo well-suited get introduce macchanger-gtk 

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