World Wide SMS Bomber by PukhtoonSofts

Hello Readers! Hope all of you are enjoying my posts. Today Im here with new and amazing thing with you all guyz its SMS Bomber. Sounds wired ? :D .. Its a SMS Bomber which will send lots of SMS to victim's mobile number and maybe hang their phone. So if you wanna take revenge from your enemies its useful to you..

Here it is :-

How to Use:-
Its Simple just enter your victim's Mobile number with country code for example:-
+91xxxxxxxxx (For India)
+92xxxxxxxxx  (For Pakistan)
And click On fire button :D

Its a world Wide SMS Bomber Coded By PukhtoonSofts works Internationally coded in Visual Basic..

International SMS Bomber 2014
SMS bomber working 2014
Download free SMS bomber working world wide 2014
latest SMS bomber 2014

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  1. Hello, it's nice, but from since one month it's not working.


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