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Hello Readers! In my previous post i have shared inj3ct0r 1337day Clone Blogger Template: Viorenza World. Now As i promised that i will share some blogger templates for hackers im here with another template named viow0rm - Dark Green Blogger Template. Actually its similar to inj3ct0r 1337day Clone Blogger Template: Viorenza World. In fact its a version of it.

Demo:-Click HERE


There are some modification that has to be done in order to get better results:- 

1). Go to Settings then Language And Formatting then in that under Formatting Timestamp Format
should be like this 7/07/2014

2). In column DESCRIPTIONTYPE and AUTHOR number of characters is limited. So please try adjust because if just one character exceeds the column width then it will ruin the look of the blog.

3). The menu is the same template as the previous template here we are using the default widget blogger ie Linklist. Because it is more simple, so there is no need of go to Edit HTML and to add or delete menu navigation. 

4). Do not use the Page List Gadget on this template. Because the post-body area will not be visible. Unless doing his own changes to the CSS. 

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