inj3ct0r 1337day Clone Blogger Template: Viorenza World 2016

Hello Readers! Many people asked me is there any template for blogger meant for hackers or Please share some blogger templates for hackers. So today I thought of sharing a Template named  Viorenza World for blogger that is actually a clone of  inj3ct0r 1337day [Www.1337day.coM] ..


So here it is(Download Link Updated 2016):-

Some Adons:-

1). Search Box:- To add a Search Box at the bottom of the header or logo as shown in demo just click on Add a Gadget and select HTML/JavaScript from the list and paste the below code:-
<form action = ' search 'id =' searchform 'method =' get 'name =' searchform '>
<font face = "Tahoma "size =" 2 ">
<span style="color:#008800"> [Search: </ span>
<input id = 's' name =' q 'onblur =' if (this.value = = "") {this.value = "";} 'onfocus = "if (this.value ==" ") {this.value =" "}' type = 'text' value ='' />
<input id = 'searchsubmit' type = 'submit' value = 'submit' />
</ b> </ font> </ b> </ form> </ center>

  • Replace the RED BOLD link with your blog's link and click Save.
  • And Drag it to the top of the blog post.. 
2). RSS Feed:- To add RSS Feed at bottom as shown in Demo just Navigate to Blogger's Layout click Add Gadgets and select Feed Gadget from the list..

After adding Enter this url in Feed Gadget:-
Replace RED BOLD link with your blog's link and click Save..
thats it guys :) share it :)

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