Watch Cyber Attacks And Cyber War Between countries in Real Time

In this modern scenario ,with time technology is also getting advanced. Now you can watch a real time cyber attacks on a world geographic map shows you global hacking attempts in real time. This Awesome thing iz produced by A Security company and its called Real-Time Map..

This Real-Time Map, maintained and managed by the Norse security company, which shows everything about hacking attacks with information about who is hacking and what attack vectors are being used. The data is sourced from a network of “honeypot” servers maintained by Norse, rather than real-world data from the Pentagon, Google, or other high-profile hacking targets. In hacking a honeypot is a juicy-looking target that acts as a trap. either to gather important data about the would-be assailants, or to draw them away from the real target. The Norse website has some info about its "Honeypot." but it’s understandably quite sparse on actual technical details.

If you can see the map for little while, you'll come to know that most of the cyber war activity is originating either from china or USA.  The map shows both, the target and the origin of attack with a nice graphical map...

Vist Real-Time Map:-

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