How to Block or Remove Annoying Advertisements on Android

Hello Readers! have you ever felt uncomfortable while playing a game or using a app on your Android Device when some annoying Advertisements blocks you in between and makes you angry. So In this tutorial Im going to teach you How you guys can remove Annoying Advertisements  from your Android Apps or games or browsers .. here we have a simple solution for this problem which will blocks all the advertisements which interprets you while you play or browse.. Its pretty easy.. So here we start..

Follow the Instructions:-

1). Download this .txt file from HERE ..and rename it to "hosts" [without quotes]..
So now you have a .txt file named "hosts" that will block all the advertisements on your Android device..

2). Now what you have to do is to, Transfer this hosts file to your android device. To do this open your file explorer on your android device (use free file explorer like F-explorer) ..

3). Now just copy the hosts file and paste it in the following directory:-
/etc or /system/etc
Note:- If there is already a hosts file present just rename it to hosts.bak (to create backup of older hosts file)..

4). Now just paste the hosts file over there and make sure you have administrator's rights to do this..

5). Now just reboot your device to see this trick working. That's it..


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