Google Started Domain Resigtration Service

Hello Readers! today i will tell you about google Domain what is it and what are its features. I know you may already have heard about it. So read it :-

Google Domains:-

Google has just launched a small private beta for a domain registration service “Google Domains.” You can visit their landing page for Registration of a domain for yourself. Visit clicking here.

Google publicly announced plans to get into the domain registration market. Till now the domain market Giants were Godaddy, Namecheap, Network Solutions etc.

Google is still developing its Domain registration service project which is in Beta now. It requires the Invitation if you want to buy a domain from Google.

Features of Google Domain:

1). Free private registration, allowing you to gide your personal details from whois search. like name, address, etc. Without paying anything to third party.
2). Free email forwarding from, to your personal Mail inbox
3). Free domain forwarding
4). With Support for up to 100 sub-domains
5). Will support all new upcoming domains, Like .guru, .club, etc.
Google is promising full phone support for Google Domain customers. Only other one we are aware of is Google Glass. But you know how many people are going to call them, because they are unable to login into their Gmail Account? Haha, thats really funny, cause they are having a absolutely large number of customers.

Get Invite Code: 
Google domains is in beta now. But you can buy if you have invitation. For invitation, go to Google Domains, click the “Manage my domains” button, log in, then hit the “Request an invite" (or you can click on our link.) button. Google isn’t making any promises on how many people they’ll let in, but whats there to give it a try.

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