#OpSriLanka: Hackers from around the world launches Cyber war against Sri Lanka

In protest of attacks taking place on Srilankan Tamils, Hackers hit Srilanka with cyber attack that resulted in defaced of some sites, as well as database being leaked.

"Shawdowforce" who conduct the Operation report that representative from more than 13 teams including Anon Ghost -Indian Haxors Team - Indian Cyber Rakshak - RedCult (Lebanon) - Muslim Cyber Corporation(Indonesia) - Pakistan Haxors Crew - Ip Sova Crew(Malaysia) - Indonesian Red Code -Team - Elite Cyber Army (Philippines) - Afghan Cyber Army - Indian Cyber Devils - Sec~Team-7 - Sec_dark participated in the operation.

Several Government websites were defaced and others were brought down using DDOS. More than 100 websites including websites of  government, big Organisations and local business were defaced too.

This is a part of the joint event that we are conducting #OpSrilanka (April 15-16).  

We will Speak against your government's AirStrike on the "NO FIRE ZONE" !  

We will Speak against the attrocities committed by Srilankan Army on innocent Tamil population !  
We will Speak against the War Crimes committed by your government!  
We will Speak against the Genocide committed by Your Government ! 
stop this !!!!! 
Deface message shows.



Paste Released by Afghan Cyber Army CLICK HERE
Screenshots showing websites were down during the Operation,
A paste released by the organisers of the Operation:-

At the time of writing the post most of the websites were restored and working back to normal.

Source:- thehackerspoint.com

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