Make free Mobile calls And Fake Call for India, US and Canada with Dingaling

Hey Guyz !..Calling to other number using any number is also called as call spoofing but its not possible in all countries . Here we are going to show you one newly launched App which allows you to call other number using any number and also gives you free minutes to call :D. This App is called DINGALING

DINGALING is the free calling app for Android or IOS devices and it got web interface also that means if you don't have Android or IOS device then also you can use these amazing features. It has the ability to make free calls to your friends mobile or landline numbers that means your friend need not have the app installed in his smartphone, just enter the phone number in dial pad of app and hit on free call.

Each call have a minimum duration Of:
-10 mins for India 
-30 mins for countries like US, Canada & China.

There are 2 ways in which you can use this service:-

1). Via Web : If you want to call any number using any number(FAKE CALL) then just register to web interface by clicking Here . After successful registration, just login and enjoy free call from Start new call section by putting From and To Numbers.

2).  Via App To App or App To Other Numbers : If you have a Android app then you can use this application freely. You can call any number from your smartphone using this superb app. Main features of this app is that receiver will receive call from same registered number which you registered in dingaling, that means no one can caught you that you are calling him using any third party app.


1). You can only use calling to any number using any number by using Web.

2). Upto 10 mins calling allow to Indian numbers and upto 30 mins allowed for US, Canada & China numbers.

3). You can send free sms only to Dingaling app users.

4). Dingaling will show the number that you used during registration .

Hope you like this ..Please leave your Valuable comments and visit again :)
Soure: OMGTricks

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