Tutorial on Defacing with KindEditor Vulnerability

shell upload

Note==>Tutorial is only for Educational purpose and Hackers Store claims no responsibility on how you use it...

Follow The Steps==>

STEP 1: Go to http://www.google.com/

STEP 2: Copy and Paste this dork


 Choose any site target, then put this exploit behind the site url and enter


Examples: www.sitetarget.com/kindeditor/examples/uploadbutton.html

STEP 4: After put the exploit, you will see 'upload button'. Click the 'upload button' and choose your Deface Page

STEP 5: If your Deface Page file successfully uploaded, copy the link given beside the 'uplaod button' and paste it behind the url site..

shell upload

Examples: www.sitetarget.com/(url given)
its just for Educational purpose....!!!

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