Madleets Got Hacked and Data Leaked


The one of famous Pakistan hacking group Team Madleets hacked and their users leaked .The hacker  with the handle name “Dukhi Nawab” hacked and leaked the Madleets Admin and Moderator details before few minutes. Their team know as “PakBug” . PakBugs / Xploiter Crew hacked madleets 2nd time . Two months ago the owner of Xploiter Crew also Defaced the Madleets subdomains . The Hacker did not defaced the Website he just leaked the data.
Dukhi Nawab says:-
MadLeets HaCked And Data Leaked By DuKhi NawaB (PAKbugs jr)
Too long db, got bored to leak all.. ;) anyways remember that maddies we are ur daddies..
And neXt time secure your ass..
greetz ; ZombiE_KsA, stoKer, Xploiter & Dr.Freak

Leaked Database :-

1      1337                   1733bab470835253a22231dab3fe3dca

2      h4x0rl1ƒ3                ac39d4fe6fdb8ce21c72e4efaefd6e73

3      Tor Demon           8d685488c51f1497beb2863f7503b224

4      MindCracker              f4f7d36949cad89ff77379598069109b

More Database :- Click here

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