Update your Friends Facebook Status (Facebook Prank)

If you are looking for messing with a Facebook friend, then you are at the right place. In This Article you will Learn how to Update your friends Facebook status via Facebook upload.php? 

This Prank might give your friend a break down.

Let's Get Started

Step 1: Make sure to send this link: (https://m.facebook.com/upload.php?email&_rdr), to the person you want to target. A New Facebook window will open up just like in the image below

Step 2: Ask the victim to give you the email address That he saw on the link you gave him just like the one beneath "Post It By Mail" In the picture above

Convince Him Like This

 "Hey man there's a problem with my Facebook ID, It is showing a new email to every person who goes to the link. Please forward me the email Address that you can see here. I wanna check if its still the same or has the bug been fixed :'("

This Might Do the trick :-D

Step 3: Log in to your Gmail Account, and hit "Compose a new message"

Step 4: Type the email the, one that your victim gave you in the send to box and the message you wanna post in the subject box like this

Step 4: Hit the send button and check your victims timeline :-P

Source: warwolftech

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