Get free .in Domain for free 2012

Hello All fans !!!!   I am back with a new article. In this article i will teach u about how to get free .in domain for freee. If you are thinking that its a joke, for your kind information I want to inform you that it is not a joke you can try this.


1. You can’t edit html
2. You can’t set nameservers.
3. You edit DNS info.

Follow the Steps:-

STEP 1. Go to

STEP 2.  Then Click on Yes I Want a free website

STEP 3. After Clicking on Yes I want my Free Website, Scroll Down and Click on  Create my free Website now.

STEP 4.  Choose your domain and click on Continue.

STEP 5. Use  To Sign Up. And when you reach to "Permanent Account Number (PAN)" enter "AAAPS8788R" but If it is not available change "8788" to anything you want like "9235" but keep it as 4 Digits.

STEP 6. Verify your domain by your email.

STEP 7. Congrats you have made your own ".in" domain!!!

Normally on these domains would go for $2. So if you don’t want all these limitations, your better off buying the domain. But if your just going to make a site that doesn't require scripts or is used as something like a contact page then try the method. I've been told you can transfer this to other domain registrar’s to bypass the restrictions but I haven’t found the authorization code needed to do so.

If anyone finds a way to do this please leave a comment below.
Also please leave any opinions or your new website!!!!!!

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