SQL Poison : How to find Vulnerable sites

Sql Poizon tool includes php , asp , rfi , lfi dorks and using this tools you can find vulnerable sites like sql vulnerable sites and you can also find vulnerable sites by country and you can hack sql vulnerable sites using Sql Poizon tool and you can also browse the sites using this tool.


1)  First download SQL Poizon software.

2) Now run Sql Poizon v1.1 - The Exploit Scanner.exe file and you will get the following window.

3) Once you have opened it, you will have to select a dork. I am using an PHP dork in this example. After you have selected the desired dork press Scan and it'll show the results in the Result Panel.

4) Now you have to send the results to the Sqli Crawler. You can do this by rightclicking in the Results Panel and select "Send to Sqli Crawler -> All"

5) Now the Sqli Cralwer tab will open and all you have to do is press Crawl and it will check if the website is really vulnerable to SQL Injection.

6) Now you have to press Export Results and place it somewhere where you can open it later for furthur exploitation.

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