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Server Proxies : Servers are a basic device in computer networks area and as the name indicate it serve the user in order to access the internet web pages or other functions on the net. The servers are the devices controlling the whole function related to uploading and downloading process. The proxy servers are not the same as those of the servers in normal function .These are the servers or the software that are created to mediate between the user and the actual server to which the request is to be sent. 

proxy servers

The proxy servers are mediatory in function in an internet function. While connecting to internet via a proxy server the user send request to the proxy server then the proxy server initiates the process to connect to the desired site or server to download or connect to the server.

Types of proxies

Proxies implemented in computer networks setting can be of following different types based upon the type of internet service to function in the required way. 

Forward proxy is the type of proxy that takes request from the client and then forward to the required server to which the request is to be given and data is taken. Forward proxies are available from a wide range of sources available. 

Open proxy is the server setting that mediates in such a way that it can be accessed from any where and is open to every body from any where. 

Reverse proxy is the type of proxy server setting that takes the information from the internet and send it to the internal network and the client may not be aware of the proxy present between the net connect. 

In this way the response to client appears to be directly given by the actual server instead of proxy server.

proxy servers

Purposes of proxy servers

The main purpose behind a proxy server setting can be based upon many different requirements that can include following conditions. The server proxies are implemented where there is filtering of data needed. In this condition the proxy server only allows those internet access or access to those internet servers that are made available and others are blocked to be viewed or being accessed. Such a proxy is applied to the internet usage of users in different commercial and non commercial organizations in order to keep a check on the website content. In filtering content proxy server act to block URL by applying URL rejex filtering or DNS black list. 

Another purpose of using a proxy server condition is the caching of the most visited sites. In this a cache proxy is implemented that creates a local copy of the most visited web page and accelerates the process of downloading by simply displaying the page from the local copy and hence saving time and effort to access certain site that is most frequently visited by a user. In some cases the proxy server helps to hide IPs of the user in order to use or access the web anonymously. Such proxy settings are displayed in Tor browsers using onion proxy settings and I2p using Garlic proxy server settings. These two provide the best IP hiding techniques for its users. Performance enhancing proxies are also very much beneficial in which the proxy help to speed up the data download and decreases the packet loss during wireless data transfer.

Detecting Proxy server information

Proxy servers can be detecting by simply tapping into the external IP address and IP addresses shown by the external pages. Proxy settings can be detected by comparing the hop sequence that are reported via a trace route, The proxy detection can also be made by connecting to a site where no server is present. All these ways are some of many that can be used to detect any proxy server presence in the internet route.

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