USB Hacking : Turn Any USB Into A Keylogger (Hacking Software)

Unlimited amount of keylogs over a billion can be stored using this undetectable and portable keylogger. The storage of logs and information is in the form of (FAT) file system. This keylogger works with any sort of computer and keyboard that you may have: Dell, Hp, or PS/2 or USB. 

  • Fast File and Info transfer, up to 148kB/s
  • Invisible/Undetectable
  • No Processing Power
  • Portable
  • No installation Required 
  • Can't be manually erased

Instructions :-

STEP 1:Plug your USB flash drive into your computer. As a precaution, make sure that information stored on your USB drive is backed up.

STEP 2: Download your keylogger software. Keep in mind that you usually must purchase a registration key to do this. The more registration keys you purchase, the more of discounted price you receive. When prompted whether to run or save file, choose Save File and select your USB device’s location.

Save, and safely remove you USB drive and plug into the computer you’d like to install the program on

STEP 4Launch your keylogger software.

STEP 5:Enter your registration key. 

STEP 6:Next you will be prompted to choose the type of installation. You will have three choices: Visible mode installation, Invisible mode installation, and Logs viewer installation. You can also do a custom installation where you pick and choose the components you’d like to install. Your keylogger software should now up and running! You do not need to hide the keylogger program. It is automatically hidden and no action on your part is required to hide it.

STEP 7: Next let’s learn how to view logs. Go to the Start Menu and select Run.

STEP 8Type the phrase, unhide. You do not need to press Enter or select OK. Most keyloggers automatically track the sequence and will be unhidden automatically if the keyword is typed. The Log Viewer window will then pop up.

STEP 9Go to the Logs tab and select the dates you would like to view in the calendar.

STEP 10Press View logs for (Day/Month) and the log will begin to generate.

STEP 11:There are several customizations you can make with keyloggers. Go to the Options Tab in the main menu to browse and select them.

STEP 12:After you unhide the software, and get to the user interface of your keylogger, you just need to close it to hide it again.

STEP 13:Unplug you USB flash drive and repeat as many times as necessary.

Note: Be careful with which keylogger you decide to use, many keyloggers claiming to be “free” have viruses and Trojans attached to them that can be extremely harmful to your computer.

Download Keylogger From Here

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