How To Speed Up Youtube Video Downloading / Buffering

Hello friends, Today i will be introducing you to a simple and useful software which helps decrease buffer time on youtube and on other 100's of video file hosting sites. This software is called "Speedbit", this simple software works like internet download manager. It simply downloads the video in different segment thus loading the video faster! Not only does it decrease video buffering times but it also accelerates itunes download speeds!

accelerate youtube videos

Some of the Features are:
  • Reduces movies freezes and buffering problems!
  • Accelerates streaming videos from over 150 video sites including MySpace, Yahoo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Stage6, 5min, Facebook, Reuters, photobucket, Tudou, Bebo, Break, ESPN, AOL, CNN, Discovery, Veoh and many more!
  • Bookmarks videos you've recently accelerated for easy replays!
  • Includes cool search feature for finding videos to watch around the web, right from your desktop!
Enjoy the future of internet video with High Definition video acceleration. Accelerate videos with bit rates above 200 KBps for the most visually stunning streaming videos, and see what the web is like in HD.

Video Accelerator is a powerful tool that let's you enjoy larger, higher resolution videos without the wait. Accelerate High Quality videos with bit rates up to 200 KBps for clearer, more vibrant images.

Watch your favorite web videos smoothly without buffering and freezing problems. With acceleration for YouTube and 165 of the most popular video sites, you can watch the videos you want, the way you want.

Get all your favorite iTunes music, music videos, movies, and TV shows even faster.

I highly recommend this software to people with slow internet speeds who have to wait alot of time just for a simple video to load or even for people who have high internet speeds and want faster loading times and better video quality. This software is a must try for everyone.

Note: If Speedbit fails communication tests then just restart your desktop/laptop.

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