Create your own Cookie-logger to hack any account

Well, many of us are aware about phishing and many other different ways of hacking. Here, i am posting an interesting way to hack any. This is basically to aware you people so that you can save your account.

What do you mean by Cookies?

Cookies stores all the necessary Information about one’s account , using this information you can hack anybody’s account and change his password.
If you get the Cookies of the Victim you can Hack any account the Victim is Logged into i.e. you can hack Google, Yahoo, Orkut, Facebook, Flickr etc.

What is a Cookie-logger?

A Cookie-logger is a Script that is Used to Steal anybody’s Cookies and stores it into a Log File from where you can read the Cookies of the Victim.
Today i will show how to create your own cookie logger.
Hope you will enjoy reading this article.

Step 1:

Download the notepad file from the link provided below.

Now open the Downloaded Notepad file and change“” to your site.
And save it as fun.gif.

Step 2:

Download the Cookielogger.php Script File from the link below

Step 3:

Create a new Notepad File and Save it as logfile.txt

Step 4:

Now Upload all these three files to Your server .(i.e Your PHP Hosting Website ).

cookielogger.php ->

logfile.txt ->

fun.gif ->

If you don’t own any website then you can follow the link below to create your own website for free which has php support.

Step 5:

Okk Now Your Cookie Stealing Website is ready.

Now Go to the victim forum and insert this code in the signature or a post :


Step 6:

When the victim opens the post, he can see the image but when he clicks on the image he gets Temporary error and you will immediately get his cookie in you logfile.txt.

The Cookie would Look as Follows:
%3A%22%22%3Bs%3A6%3A%22userid%22%3Bi%3A-1%3B%7D; phpbb2mysql_sid=3ed7bdcb4e9e41737ed6eb41c43a4ec9

Step 7:

To get the access to the Victim’s Account you need to replace your cookies with the Victim’s Cookie. Use COOKIE EDITOR for this. The string before “=” is the name of the cookie and the string after “=” is its value.

So Change the values of the cookies in the cookie Editor.

Step 8:

Now for the same purpose you will need a firefox addon named

Step 9:


now go to the website or account you have just hacked ( i mean you have steal cookies) and You will find that you are logged in as the Victim and now you can change the victim’s account information.

Step 10:


Note :Make Sure that Victim should be Online because you are actually Hijacking the Victim’s Session ( Also known as Session Highjacking) So if the Victim clicks on Logout you will also Logout automatically but once you have changed the password then you can again login with the new password and the victim would not be able to login.

Disclaimer:I don’t take Responsibility for what you do with this script, served for Educational purpose only.

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