How to hack site With DNN Method

Hello friends, In this tutorial I will show u How to hack sites With Dnn(Dot Net Nuke) Method. This is very simple and esay method for Noobs..

Know More About DNN(DOT NET Nuke)...

How to hack site with DNN 

1). Download Shell From HERE.
2). Go to and enter this dork to find vulnerable sites.
3). Copy one site from the search results.For example take
Now paste this code after the url...
Then it will look like this and go to  this url.
4). Then If you  see as shown in the picture below then you can hack this site.

Note:- If you see as shown picture below then it means that you will not able to hack 
                    this site find another site.

5). Now click on File (file on Your site).

6). Now Replace the url in address bar with this java script.
7). After doing this you will find a Upload Option there.

8). Select Root And Upload your Shell. .
9). Now After uploading, to find your uploaded shell follow the given path..;.jpg

10). When it will show you this page admin area page click on..
 UPLOAD FILE TO  D:\FTP\Htdocs\portals/0
And upload your deface index page so
this is your result

If  you want to deface main page then click on Admin dir and search for index htm or html and click on Edit and copy your deface page code and replace there…:)

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