Gmail Hacking : How To Make Gmail Phishing Site? Tutorial Guide

Hello Everyone, In my previous article I told u how to hack facebook passwords Phishing with  I am going to make another article on Gmail hacking, as we have discussed many of the tutorials on how to hack gmail account password using keyloggers, direct method etc. Today i am going to show you a quick tutorial on how to make a Gmail phishing ( Fake Login Page ) site.
Phishing is a fake login page of a particular site which captures email and password of the victim when he type it in the form. After capturing it would send all the information to hacker's webhosting.

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How To Make Phishing Site ? Easy Tutorial 

1) Goto free webhosting, if you have paid then you have to use that. I would recommend

2) Signup for free! after that goto your email for confirmation and sign in.

3) When you are logged in, Go to Cpanel, after that go to File manager for the creation of phishing page.

4) The menu will display now go to Public_html.

5) Now click upload, and upload the files to the hosting.

6) That's it, you are done! Now goto your domain and you will see it would same like gmail login page. Send the link to your friends and Enjoy hacking.
To see the input information of your phishing page ( I mean your victim's email and password ).
Go to :-

Download the phishing page From Here
EnjOoy hAcKinG!!!

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  1. Gmail NOW provide the option to remove your email address when someone put your email as account creation confirmation. sign in


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