Warn Before Closing Multiple Tabs in Google Chrome

182819-google_chrome_logo_inline_original.jpg (180×73)Many times you have Immediately closed your browser and lost all your tabs? Google Chrome sometime ask " you have to restore your last session", but if it fails that would be frustrating to open all the tabs again.
How good if chrome warn before closing multiple tabs, just like Firefox.

Google Chrome developers had developed an Extension for google chrome that came up with an option – “warn before closing multiple tabs” that will restrict chrome from accidentally closing multiple tabs.
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setup Chrome Toolbox

Download Chrome Toolbox Extension from below
Click on Chrome toolbox icon available just after address-bar.
Select Options from the menu.
Under general tab you’ll see check-box named “Confirm before closing multiple tabs” Select this ( By default its already selected so you don’t need to do this step. )
And thats it, now every time chrome will show warning message while closing multiple tabs.

Download Google Chrome Extension
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