Make Windows 7 Look Like Xbox 360

Xbox_thumb%25255B1%25255DWe Earlier Gave You Many Transformation Packs For Windows 7 , those include Android Pack , Gnome Pack (Linux) , Mango Skin Pack , Windows 8 Pack and Mac OS Pack and now we are back with Xbox 360. This pack is developed by “the-dhruv-8” and is again very easy to install by just running an executable file. It works on only Windows 7 32-bit Systems.
Please keep in mind that these packs are not very easy to uninstall . So we advice you to make a backup of your windows drive before installing this pack , in case you do not like the look and need to roll it back.
Below are some screen shots which shows how the desktop looks like after installing the pack. It also includes the Windows 8 Metro UI like menu.

You can easily switch to normal desktop mode by hitting the Windows key.


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