Facebook Magic codes

You may have seen many Facebook status and posts which says you to re post the given post by removing some symbols in the code. When you do so the code changes  into text magically.

Below I Listed Some of the Codes.. Have fun..

1) Copy any one of the codes.
2) Paste them in your Facebook status or comments.
3) Then remove the "+" sign then press Enter.

@+[290169721005985:0]  -  I Love You
@+[263812423664428:0]  -  I am always with you
@+[172417706184835:0]  -  Ye Dosti hum nahi todenge
@+[291116797575161:0]  -  FriendS r EvErYtHiNg
@+[125710659238:0]  -  FRIENDS FOREVER
{@+[130183157042112:0]}  -  {EVER Green Friendship}
@+[145480518867077:0]  -  I Still Love
@+[117111614980889:page]  -  VERY FUNNY
@+[134282353283788:0]  -  Life is too short smile while you still have teeth
@+[276318582393095:0]  -  Chess mania

How This Magical Code Works ?
Copy the code @+[276318582393095:0]
Goto your or your friends profile and check the address bar, you will find url as below

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