Autocopy 1.1 : copy friends data without permission

Hello Hackers ! today i want to introduce you with a software named autocopy that automatically copy files from your pc to to your usb drive.
This is software  for the user who want to copy his friend's file without taking his permission because the software automatically copies your victims data to your usb pen drives automatically.

Software name: autocopy 1.0


How to use this Software.

The use of this software is very easy u do not need to any coding for this.
First run the software in administrator mode if you are windows 7 user. Because the software can access your system otherwise the run time access error will occurs.
Now Write the path of the directory or file which you want to copy in the Directory path of the software.
Then Click on Generate.
Now You can see the Folder named hack2star on your desktop.
Now just copy copy the read me file and Auto run file in you usb pen drive.
Now create a Hack2star Folder in your pen drive. its compulsory because all your friends file or victims file are copies in this folder only.
Now run the hide file from the hack2star folder from your desktop.This will hide read me,autorun and hack2star folder.
Now insert the pen drive in to your friends desktop.
Now insert this to your pc and run the show file from hack2star folder from your desktop.
Now You can see the files which you want to steal from your friends pc are in the hack2star folder.

How it works

when you type the the address of file in to the directory path the software will generate the four files at your desktop.
One read me file that is used to copy your victims file to your pen drive.
Second is hide file that is used to hide the the readme file autorun file and the hack2star folder.
Third is show file that make again visible your hidden data.
And the fourth and last is autorun file that try to to run readme file automatically when you plug in your pen drive to pc.

If the autorun is not working in your victims pc then just make hack2star folder in your usb pen drive and run the hide file. so only the hack2star folder will be invisible but the readme file is will not. now only copy the readme file to your pen drive and insert it in to your friends pc and run the readme file.
It will automatically copy all files to your pen drive. Then insert pen drive to your pc and run show file and you can see the hack2star folder with stolen data of your friend.

Note: Run this software on ur own risk

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